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10 ideas for t-shirts and sweatshirts for a quirky Christmas 2023

Christmas time is approaching, and you're still looking for the perfect gift? If you want to surprise with original t-shirts and sweatshirts, Apology has what you need. Discover our top 10 t-shirts and sweatshirts that will make a splash under your Christmas tree!

For those who never know : The “Eternal Indecisive” t-shirt

Every Christmas, we all know that person who never knows what to give. This humorous t-shirt is the ideal gift to wink at him. With its stylish design and fun message, it will be the talk of the town every time it is worn.

For the friend who doesn't like meetings : The "Leave me alone" sweatshirt

This Christmas time, give him a well-deserved break with this comfortable and quirky sweatshirt.

For the Christmas fashionista : The “Badass Forever” sweatshirt

A mix of style and attitude to shine at parties. With its modern cut and powerful message, this sweatshirt is the perfect gift for those who like to stand out.

For those who think they are unique : The “Unique Exemplar” t-shirt

A Christmas gift that boldly asserts its uniqueness. Made with love, this t-shirt is not only comfortable, but also a real fashion statement.

To awaken memories of grandma : The “Martine in the countryside” t-shirt

In the heart of winter, give him a bit of sunshine and nostalgia. This t-shirt evokes sweet summer memories, days spent at the beach and evenings with friends.

For the romantic at Christmas : The “Love alone” sweatshirt

A gentle reminder that Christmas is also a time to love yourself. With its soft design and comfortable fit, this sweatshirt is the ideal companion for winter evenings by the fire.

For the English speaker : The “I don’t wanna fall in love” sweatshirt

A universal message, perfect for the Christmas holidays. With its stylish design and modern cut, this sweatshirt is the ideal gift for those who love to express themselves in style.

To end a toxic relationship : The “It’s over between us” sweatshirt

A daring gift for those who dream of a different Christmas. With its strong message, this sweatshirt is a declaration of independence (and get out of it, asshole). It can cause a few arguments during the family meal...

For the literature fan : A t-shirt with a quote from Alfred de Musset

Combine culture and style for an unforgettable Christmas gift. You can play the literature quiz and have your loved ones guess “Who said that?”.

For the king of the Christmas evening : The "Nothin'More To Say" sweatshirt

For those who like to shine during the festivities. This t-shirt is the ideal choice to stand out at Christmas parties. It seems that no one will dare to restart the discussion with you...

With Apology, offers original and quality t-shirts and sweatshirts for Christmas. Choose originality for unforgettable parties!

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