Returnable product

As simple as hello!

Returnable sweatshirts and t-shirts

Apology takes back your Apology brand sweatshirts and t-shirts, even if they are worn or damaged a lot.

Send us back your clothes, for a voucher!

Ok great but how much do I get back in vouchers?

So here too it's super simple:

Mini Max
T-shirt 3 € 8 €
sweatshirt 5 € 18 €
hoodie 6 € 20 €

It all depends on the condition of your sweatshirt or t-shirt, the better it is, the more valuable it will be.

You send us back your item for free (we provide you with a Mondial Relay label). Upon receipt of the latter, we estimate its deposit price and we send you your voucher.

Items in too poor condition will not be bought back, they will be recycled into raw material at one of our partners in order to produce new products afterwards.

If you are interested, contact us!