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5 sweatshirts and t-shirts to give to your ex

Ah, love... this feeling so beautiful, so pure, which can sometimes turn sour and leave us with a bitter taste in our mouth. And it's in these moments that we want to send a message to our ex, that we can't really express in words. But luckily, Apology.Store is here to help us find the irony in pain. Here are 5 suggestions for sweatshirts and t-shirts to give to your ex, to show him how much you have recovered from your breakup.

  • C’est Terminé Entre Nous sweatshirt - organic cotton : What better way to underline the obvious? He/she may have forgotten it, or maybe he/she is just in denial. Either way, this hoodie is here to remind you of the facts. Bonus: organic cotton is gentle on the skin, but not on the ego.
  • I Don't Wanna Fall In Love t-shirt - organic cotton : After a breakup, it's natural to want to protect yourself a little. That's why this t-shirt is the perfect gift for your ex. A little reminder that he/she is not the center of your universe. And if someone asks you why you gave it, you can always pretend that you are worried about him/her.

  • I Am Better On Instagram sweatshirt - organic cotton : Why not add a little salt to the wound? This sweatshirt is here to remind your ex that you're still fabulous, even if you're single. And if by chance he/she blocks you on Instagram, at least he/she will have something to remember you by.

  • Leave Me Alone T-shirt - organic cotton : Because it is important to set limits. This t-shirt is the perfect expression of your desire for peace, especially if your ex has difficulty understanding the concept of "breakup". And what's more, it's made from organic cotton, which is good for the environment. It's a win for everyone, except maybe your ex.

  • You're So Fuckin' Special sweatshirt - organic cotton : To end on a sarcastic note. This hoodie is a great way to express your admiration (ironic, of course) for your ex. It's the perfect gift for him/her, because honestly, who wouldn't want a reminder of their uniqueness?

Not only are these sweatshirts and t-shirts a great way to send a message to your ex, but they're also made from organic cotton, meaning they're soft, comfortable and eco-friendly. Because after all, why not combine personal satisfaction and sustainability?

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