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5 t-shirts and sweatshirts to attract all eyes!

Limited edition T-shirt in organic cotton and printed in France

1. The “I’m Back in The Game” women’s t-shirt

Oh, are you back in the game? Gosh, what a surprise! Well, obviously, you're equipped with the organic cotton "I'm Back in The Game" t-shirt, so you don't really have a choice, do you? It's like carrying a giant sign saying, "Be careful, I'm here and I'm going to tear it up." And what's more, it's super comfortable. Perfect for taking on the world... or for taking a nap. After all, being back in the game gets tiring.

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2. The “Just Like Marie Antoinette” women’s t-shirt

For all everyday queens who like to show off their penchant for luxury and cakes, the "Just Like Marie Antoinette" t-shirt is made for you. Made from organic cotton, this t-shirt will allow you to show off your desire to rule (on your couch, probably) while being comfortable. And then, who knows ? Maybe you'll start making decisions as controversial as Marie Antoinette... like deciding to eat an extra slice of cake for dinner.

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3. The “Eternal Indecisive” women’s sweatshirt

You don't know what to wear? No worries, the “Eternal Indecisive” sweatshirt is here for you. It's the perfect garment for anyone who spends hours looking at their wardrobe without knowing what to choose. This organic cotton sweatshirt saves you the trouble of making a clothing decision. And what's more, it's printed in France, so at least you can be sure of the quality. Or not. After all, you are forever indecisive.

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4. The “Unique Exemplar” women’s t-shirt

Who needs a t-shirt to remind them that they are unique? You, apparently. But don't worry, the "Unique Exemplar" t-shirt is here for you. Made from organic cotton, it's as soft as your ego and as durable as your sense of originality. And don't worry, it's printed in France, so you can be sure you're the only one who has it... that is, until everyone realizes how cool and cool it is. decides to buy it too.

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5. The “I’m So In Love With You” sweatshirt

Oh, love. It's beautiful, isn't it? Especially when it's printed on an organic cotton sweatshirt. The "I'm So In Love With You" sweatshirt is the perfect way to express your affection... or to make fun of those who are too sentimental. Either way, this sweatshirt is super comfortable, so even if you're not in love, you'll at least be comfortable.

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