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Which T-shirt for the beach this summer?

Oh, summer! This long-awaited season where the sun shines, the ocean waves call you and the fruity cocktails refresh you. But with the arrival of summer also comes the headache of choosing the perfect t-shirt for the beach. Don't worry, at Apology we have you covered. Here is our selection of unisex organic t-shirts, printed in France, which will make you the star of the beach this summer.

1. Summer Body Inside Tee

Summer is here and with it, the pressure of the "perfect body" for the beach. But what is the perfect body, really? At Apology, we believe that every body is perfect in its own way. That's why we created the "Summer Body Inside" t-shirt.

This t-shirt is an ode to all those who spent the winter hibernating and eating pizza, pasta and whatever made them happy. Because yes, we know it, you have a dream body... and it's not a few extra pounds that will change that.

With its simple design and powerful message, the "Summer Body Inside" t-shirt is a must-have for anyone who wants to play it ironic on the beach this summer. Wear it with pride and watch your girlfriends doubt...or better yet, join the body positive revolution.

2. It's Over Between Us T-shirt

Love is beautiful...until it's not. And when a relationship ends, it can be hard to get the message across to your ex who's still hanging around you. That's where the "It's Over Between Us" t-shirt comes in.

With its clear and unequivocal message, this t-shirt is the perfect solution for those who find it difficult to say "it's over". And if the message doesn't get through, you can always explain to him... or not. After all, who said you had to do all the work?

Wear this t-shirt with confidence and watch your ex get the message. And who knows, maybe you'll even make a few people laugh on the beach. Because after all, humor is the best way to heal, isn't it?

3. Dreamy But Not Naïve T-shirt

Summer is the season for love, but also for heavy flirting. You know, those who think their charm hypnotizes you in 3 seconds and you only have 2 neurons. If you're tired of these clichés, the "Dreamy But Not Naïve" t-shirt is made for you.

With its strong and feminist message, this t-shirt is a declaration of war on all those who underestimate you. Wear it with pride and show them you can be a dreamer without being naïve. A t-shirt that combines femininity and character, for all those who are tired of clichés.

4. What The Hell Am I Doing Here T-shirt

Are you more the type to prefer a good book to a day on the beach? The "What The Hell Am I Doing Here" t-shirt is made for you. An ironic message that will make those who understand you smile... and leave you alone with others.

Wear this t-shirt with confidence and watch the reactions around you. Maybe you'll even find other lost souls wondering what they're doing there too. After all, summer is also made for getting together, isn't it?

So, ready for summer? With these t-shirts, you're sure to make a splash on the beach...or anywhere else. And don't forget, the most important thing is to be yourself... with a touch of irony!

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