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Why choose APOLOGY?

Hi you ! Yes, you, the queen of audacity and originality. Are you looking to express your unique personality through what you wear? Welcome to the world of Apology, where every sweatshirt and t-shirt is a style statement, a touch of humor, a hint of rebellion. But why Apology, you ask? It's simple, we're here to shake up the codes, to allow you to shine with pieces as unique as you. Let me guide you into this universe where fashion meets impertinence.

Apology's unique identity

Sassy and ironic style

At Apology, we like words that sting, sentences that make you smile, and messages that leave an impression. Our creations play with the French language, flirt with American punchlines and overflow with humor that leaves no one indifferent. Do you want clothing that speaks for you, that resembles you, that echoes your sparkling personality? Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are blank canvases, ready to tell your story.

Strong and original messages

Our messages? They are strong, original, sometimes provocative, always memorable. We don't follow trends, we create them. Whether you're in a romantic, sarcastic mood, or simply in "I don't care" mode, you'll find what you're looking for among our collections. Our designs are an invitation to stand out, to show who you are loud and clear.

Quality and durability

GOTS certified organic cotton

Quality is our mantra. Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are made from organic cotton, soft to the touch, pleasant to wear, and above all, respectful of our dear planet. Every fiber in our clothing is GOTS certified, guaranteeing ecological and ethical production. With Apology, you choose sustainable fashion, without ever sacrificing your style.

Water-based and eco-certified inks

Our designs are printed with water-based inks, eco-certified by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT. This certification ensures that our inks are safe for you and the environment. Each print is a promise: that of responsible fashion, impeccable quality, and unconditional respect for the earth.

Made with love

Local and ethical production

At Apology, each piece is the result of passionate and ethical work. Our workshops in Portugal are not simple factories; they are homes of artisans, guardians of ancestral know-how. Each sweatshirt, each t-shirt is the result of close collaboration between designers and artisans. We offer you the best of European quality.

Printing made in France

Our designs come to life in France, where the art of printing is mastered to perfection. Printing locally allows us to closely monitor the quality of each piece and support the local economy. It's our way of building strong ties with our partners, and guaranteeing you clothes that tell a story, that of French know-how.

A responsible choice

Production on demand

Do you hate waste as much as we do? At Apology, we produce on demand to avoid excess stock and wasted resources. This means that every order is special, every garment is created just for you. By choosing Apology, you opt for more conscious consumption, more respectful of our planet.

Recyclable packaging

And because every detail counts in our quest for greener fashion, our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable paper. Forget plastic, with us, it's kraft and cardboard. Even our deliveries are designed to minimize our environmental impact. With Apology, you choose a purchase that respects the earth as much as your style.

Express your personality

Diversity of designs

Whether you're classic, extravagant, sporty or bohemian, Apology has something for you. Our range of designs is vast and varied, offering a palette of styles to suit all personalities. Each piece is an invitation to express your uniqueness, to bring out what makes you unique.

Adaptation to different styles

Our sweatshirts and t-shirts are fashion chameleons. They go perfectly with a multitude of styles and accessories. Whether you pair them with casual jeans, a sleek skirt, or even a chic blazer, they fit and elevate your look. With Apology, you create bold and personal ensembles.

Gifts with meaning

Original gift ideas for the holidays

If you're looking for a unique gift that's out of the ordinary, our sweatshirts and t-shirts are the perfect choice. Each piece is an expression of love, humor, support. Offers a message, an emotion, a smile. With Apology, your gifts will be more than objects, they will be messengers of your feelings.

In summary, Apology is the meeting of fashion, originality, and ethics. It's choosing to express yourself through quality, durable and meaningful pieces. It means opting for responsible consumption, without compromising on style. So, ready to be part of the Apology revolution? Explore our site, discover our collections, and find the garment that speaks to you. Join us and leave your mark on the fashion world.

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