Quels t-shirts pour le date de ce soir ? - Apology

What t-shirts for tonight's date?

It's a match ! 

Well here you go, after scouring most of the Date Apps, you're finally going to meet a pretty normal guy. So it will have taken time and more or less original encounters. Original does not mean convincing gentlemen... between the guy who is 20 years older than in his photos, the one who only talks about his ex, the other who splits the bill in half, not to mention the one who eyes that sweat sex while trying to give you crappy compliments in order to play the pseudo romantic two balls...

You will understand, this date with this famous "normal" guy, you have to prepare it a little, without pressure, ok, but it's up to you to put all the chances on your side.

You're going to go cool, not held too sexy, not too stuck, not revealing too much.

Why not opt for a message t-shirt? The opportunity to post a message that suits you, that echoes this date?

Here is the TOP 5 message t-shirts for your next date:

1 - The overconfident one

T-shirt exemplaire unique

This t-shirt has a double edged edge: either the other has a sense of humor and can bounce back on the message or it can paralyze your date... well, one thing is certain, it allows you to sort it out right away! 

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2 - The one who doesn't want to look nice

T-shirt I need  no sympathy

It is always necessary to keep a little distance, to be desired, not to facilitate the task from the first minutes... The message will be clear with this t-shirt. Well, your attitude must be in phase, don't smile, answer questions by looking up and above all don't ask him questions. If your date leaves after 10 minutes, it was not the right one!

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3 - She who is does not know how to choose

t-shirt éternelle indécise

Already if you really don't know how to choose, then avoid the restaurant... you'll take forever to select your dishes and your date will quickly lose his temper... This t-shirt is a good test, if you want attract your date to the question "But what kind of guy will no longer make you doubt?"... and there, prepare your answer well!

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4 - The one who does not want to commit too much

T-shirt Laisse-moi tranquille

Are you a free person? Send the message right away, your date will be fixed immediately!

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5 - The one who wants to end her celibacy asap!

With this t-shirt, you'll save time, that's for sure! You will be able to test the repartee of your date, see if it bounces on the message...

Bonus - The one who wants to check if her date knows a little about French literature (in short, if the guy is not too stupid). If the guy talks to you about a urine bottle... in short, you understand...

T-shirt Qu'importe le flacon


Anonyme girl
Anonyme girl

Eternelle indécise c’est totalement moi


Excellent ! J’adore votre boutique. Possible de personnaliser les messages avec mes idées ?


Ah ah ah ! Ça me rappelle quelques souvenirs ! Canon votre marque, je vais commander qq tshirts 😉

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