Top 5 des sweatshirts pour aller au boulot - Apology

Top 5 sweatshirts for going to work

Your boss is watching you! 

It's back to work... all you have left are a few sunny vacation memories, photos on your phone...

For your return to work, why not send a little message to these adorable colleagues and especially to your boss?

Here are the TOP 5 message sweatshirts for your return to work:

1 - The ironic one

Sweat-shirt en coton bio It's just a perfect day

The sweatshirt that will allow you to test the level of humor of your colleagues. You will be able to easily identify the beans or on the contrary those who do not want to return to the office at all.

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2 - The one who does not want to go to a meeting

Sweatshirt coton bio get me out of here

Tired of acute meetingitis? Let it be known on your first day by proudly displaying this message. If nobody understands, then get up and leave the meeting, you'll see nobody will invite you after that.

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3 - The one who is not in a good mood at all

Sweatshirt coton bio laisse moi tranquille

Your colleagues already know your bad mood, but with this sweatshirt you'll drive home the point! If your boss comes to ask you for something at 5:55 p.m., all you have to do is stick out your chest so that he goes back to his office! And by the way you will slap him a #metoo if he insists too much on your chest!

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4 - The one who plays the bosses

sweatshirt coton bio back in the game

Do you want to show off and play the little boss? So this sweatshirt will set the scene, you're back and you're essential... okay, if you don't perform afterwards, don't come and complain and ask us for a refund.

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5 - The one who wants to get fired (ok it's a t-shirt and not a sweatshirt...)

sweatshirt coton bio je vous emmerde
Here, you understood I think... you will only wear this t-shirt once at work in your life, the day you are going to file your resignation. If in addition you can make a little video that you share, it will be great!




Le 5ème me plait bien… mais pas certaine de faire long feu dans ma boite après !!!


Je veux le sweat laisse moi tranquille ! Mes collègues vont bloquer dessus


J’imagine bien la tête de mon boss en voyant le t-shirt “je vous emmerde” !!!
Canon votre boutique, j’ai envie de tout acheté

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