Top 5 des idées cadeaux pour Noël - Apology

Top 5 gift ideas for Christmas

Do you think you won't be broke this year?

We are entitled to it every year. We do know the date. Nothing works. Like many people, you will still go out of your way at the last minute to buy your Christmas presents...

Do not panic ! Here you will find 5 gift ideas that will hit the mark!

So are you ready?

Christmas gift idea 1: the t-shirt for your mother

T-shirt Je suis mieux sur Instagram : idée cadeau noël
If your mother is over 50, you should definitely explain the joke to her...
If she doesn't understand, open an Instagram account for her (the Tinder account can wait a bit).

Christmas gift idea 2: the t-shirt for your boyfriend

T-shirt petite frappe, idée cadeau noël

He won't take it badly, don't worry... Guys all play petty punches at some point. They don't realize it, but you do! 

Christmas gift idea 3: the sweatshirt for your sister who can't find a guy

Sweatshirt Eternelle indécise : idée cadeau noël

This sweatshirt may or may not make her smile...
Then explain to her that it's for her own good, she'll thank you one day!

Christmas gift idea 4: the t-shirt for your bad mood

T-shirt I need no sympathy, idée cadeau noël

You usually let it know by a simple look, now your t-shirt will make it very clear!

Christmas gift idea 5: the t-shirt feel good to wear absolutely

t-shirt Positivity is a choice, idée cadeau noël

To wear when you look in the mirror, in order to spend for sure a beautiful day. 

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