Vive la SANS Valentin ! - Apology

Long live the SANS Valentin!

Top 5 anti-Valentine’s Day sweatshirts and t-shirts

If, every year, as February 14 approaches, you feel anxiety rising within you, then tell yourself that you are not the only one.

This year, make it clear that your celibacy is a choice and that you live it very well!

1 - The one who no longer wants her ex

And yes, Valentine's Day is the right time for your ex to return... he will, a few days before, send you a few texts, some kind words, let you know some good memories from the two of you... BE STRONG! !! You don't go back with an ex! Unless this ex is handsome, rich, funny, kind... and you were a fool to leave him...

2 - The one who doesn't know how to make a decision

So yes this year again you are alone for Valentine's Day... However, there is no shortage of opportunities, right? But each time, you find something wrong with the other: too nice, too small, too calm, too enterprising, too much this, too much that...
It's time to throw yourself into the deep end, Miss!
3 - The one who takes full responsibility
You are resigned, you have chosen in full conscience to live once again this February 14 as a solitary warrior of love! And you're not the type to fall for commercial parties, no no no. So for Valentine's Day it will be an evening in front of Netflix, a pot of ice cream and texting with friends. And we'll see next year!
4 - The one who speaks English
You don't know how to say it anymore, try in English for once.
5 - The one who no longer wants her boyfriend
Not yet single a few days before Valentine's Day, but a crazy desire to leave your boyfriend? You don't know how to tell him? We have the solution with this “it’s over between us” sweatshirt. Well, not sure he'll understand right away, he'll first say it's a joke... you can guess what happens next, right? Good luck ;)
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