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Organic cotton sweatshirt? gots? Oeko-tex?

At Apology, we have chosen quality, respect for the planet and living beings. You're going to tell us some great nonsense! Not really actually. We could have chosen low-end sweatshirts and t-shirts, without any label and paid 3 to 4 times less for them, to generate more margin. Yes, and it would have been simpler, more profitable. But we would also have had trouble looking at ourselves in the mirror every morning (and in the evening too, we brush our teeth before bed).

Printed in France, in organic cotton, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Vegan, Fair Wear

So here are some explanations of organic, Gots and Oeko-tex.

  • Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, making it more environmentally friendly and less harmful to farmers' health. Additionally, growing organic cotton generally uses less water than growing conventional cotton.
  • The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label guarantees that the textile fibers used in clothing are organic and that production processes meet strict criteria for environmental and social sustainability. Clothing with the GOTS label is also free from harmful chemicals such as azo dyes, heavy metals and finishing chemicals.
  • The Oeko-tex label guarantees that clothing is free from substances harmful to human health, such as pesticides, azo dyes and heavy metals. Oeko-tex clothing is therefore safer for the skin and can be worn with confidence.

In addition to being respectful of the environment and health, organic cotton, GOTS, Oeko-tex clothing is also of high quality and made in Portugal . Organic cotton is softer and more breathable than conventional cotton, while environmentally friendly and socially responsible production processes ensure that clothing is durable and well-made.

At Apology Store, organic cotton, GOTS, Oeko-tex clothing is printed in France with ecological inks, which means that not only the materials, but also the production processes are environmentally friendly. Additionally, Apology Store offers a range of customizable clothing, allowing you to wear your messages and ideas with pride.

In short, organic cotton, GOTS, Oeko-tex clothing is environmentally friendly, socially responsible, high quality and can be worn with confidence. At Apology Store you can find a range of clothing that meets these criteria and allows you to assert your personality in style.

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