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Stop the clichés of Mother's Day

Give a gift as unique as your mom with Apology

Mother's Day, you feel it coming from afar. Ads for flower bouquets and heart-shaped chocolates are on the rise. But let's be honest, your mom deserves better than those hackneyed clichés. Are you looking for a gift that stands out? Apology has exactly what you need.

Sweatshirt and t-shirt for Mother's Day

Offer a gift in the image of your mom: Unique

Your mom is a bit like a unicorn, isn't she? One of a kind. So why give him an ordinary gift? At Apology, we believe that gifts should reflect the personality of the person receiving them. That's why we offer quality sweatshirts and t-shirts, printed in France, comfortable and eco-responsible. And like a fine wine, they get better with age.

Messages that slam for a mom who tears

But the real secret of our clothes is their message. No cutesy phrases or quotes seen and reviewed. At Apology, we like punchlines that clash. For Mother's Day, we offer you for example:

  1. The Badass Forever Hoodie
  2. The "Eternal Indecisive" hoodie
  3. The "Unique copy" t-shirt
  4. The "Martine in the countryside" t-shirt
  5. The "You're so fucking special" sweatshirt

Apology, the gift that makes sense

By offering Apology clothing to your mum, you are not only giving her an original gift, you are also showing her that you share her eco-responsible values. Our clothes are produced in a sustainable way, and if one day she gets tired of it, she can send it back to us in exchange for a voucher. At Apology, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

For a heartbreaking Mother's Day, give an Apology gift

This year, for Mother's Day, make a gesture that will mark the spirits. Get your mom an Apology sweatshirt or t-shirt. A gift that will make her smile and that will allow her to carry your love and your recognition every day.

Imagine your mom's smile when she discovers the tender, ironic and quirky message on her new favorite item of clothing. It's like giving her a hug she can wear every day. It's still better than flowers that fade in two days, right?

So, this year, be original and celebrate Mother's Day with an Apology gift. For your mom, for the planet, for the love of originality.

And remember: life is too short for boring gifts. So make the right choice. Choose Apology.

Happy Mother's Day to all the super moms. Without you, the world would certainly be less beautiful. And at Apology, we like beautiful things. And the moms. And the planet. And sweatshirts and t-shirts with snappy punchlines.

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